“It is my pleasure to recommend the work of Ann Bates which, in my experience, is excellent both technically and artistically.  Ann’s ceramic pieces are also imbued with a rare spiritual quality.”

LD, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

“Thank you Ann, for your kindness and empathy and for making this more than just the purchase of an object to hold my husband’s ashes.  When I looked at the urn I saw the work and the skill and the part of yourself that had gone into creating it.  You must have tremendous job satisfaction!”

Mrs JR, West Midlands

“We wanted to express our warmest appreciation of the immense care you took in realising the designs we commissioned, your only concern being to achieve the closest possible match to our vision in terms of design, colour and glaze, however much experimentation that might take.  We are delighted with the result and hope we can stay in touch.”

Mr and Mrs L, Nottingham

“I chose to commission Ann Bates to create an urn for my late wife’s ashes because I was dissatisfied with the impersonal and uninspiring offerings elsewhere. Initially attracted by the examples on her website, the resulting urn has far exceeded my expectations. It truly captures my wife’s spirit and is a wonderful and unique monument to her. Ann involved me in each stage of the design, eliciting my views but then transforming my basic ideas into a sensitive and beautiful work of art. The interactive process of development, as well as the urn itself, have helped me personally in coming to some closure on my grief.”

Mr PG, Scotland