About my work

About my work

My interest in making my own pottery began in 1989 at a local evening class and the sheer joy of working with clay was immediate.  One thing led to another and, after a few years, I found myself in the ceramics department of Chesterfield College under the tutelage of Trevor Nicklin. The experience proved invaluable and led me to apply for a place on the BA (Hons) Applied Art degree course at the University of Derby where I gained insight and guidance from Sebastian Blackie, Jeremy James and Josie Walters. In 2000 I gained a First Class (Hons) degree.

After graduation my partner and I decided to become self employed and we shared a building in Cromford, Derbyshire.  He, to run a Quantity Surveying practice and me, my own pottery workshop and showroom. This worked well until unfortunately my partner died. I was unable to carry on renting the building on my own and decided to move my pottery business and work from home.

The majority of pieces that I make are vessel forms - some have lids, others remain open.  All, in some way, are influenced by seasonal variations of the landscape particularly around the beautiful Lumsdale valley of Matlock.

The open vessels can be used solely for decoration or for flowers and foliage.  These pieces are built in layers of different clays interspersed with coloured porcelain. This method of making echoes the asymmetry of rocks, earth and trees, the differing width bands of the material ensuring that each piece is unique.

The lidded vessels are either coil or slab built, often decorated with leaves or seed pods and suggest intimacy or separateness.  These pieces have been used as memory boxes and funerary urns, often to client specification.

This website has three galleries: open vessels, lidded vessels and tiles.  I hope that you will find them of interest and that they might give an insight into my working methods and the inspiration that compels me to work with clay.

All pieces are fired to 1250C, this ensures suitability for indoor or outdoor use.

I am a member of Northern Potters Association and Peak District Artisans. My work can also be seen on the Craft & Design web site.